January / 2012

Keyword Exclusive - Online photo tips
by: Debra Gibson

Supplement to “Before You Aim and Shoot”

The Internet is filled with photography tutorials. Here are a few good places to start:

This is a fun way to get started if you are new to digital photography. Dan Feildman offers a free guide to digital photography. After you download it, you’ll receive an e-mail with links to videos about capturing perfect family photos and landscape photography.

Great for beginners and to understand the lingo. You’ll have to navigate around ads, product offers, and clutter, but the site contains a lot of solid information for beginners.

Don’t get hung up on all the digital camera reviews (although they are excellent if you are shopping). Instead, join the discussion forums and peruse the galleries. You’ll find lots of inspiration. This is a good site for intermediate-level photographers.

This site is best for more advanced photographers. Galbraith subtitles his site “digital photography insights,” and the site lives up to that claim with information on photographers, technology, equipment, and software links for various camera lines.

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