September / 2003
Kentucky Living

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Why Choose A Liberal Arts Education?
“Educating the whole person” is the ultimate goal of liberal arts colleges. Students also enjoy unique benefits, such as smaller campus size, a diverse student body, transferable job skills, higher graduation rate in four years, and affordable cost
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When Parents Help Schools
Good things happen for our children and in our schools when parents and the community get involved. Hear how these Kentuckians got involved and made a real difference and how you can help your children succeed.
>>Keyword Exclusive - School-Based Council Duties
Legacy in Stone
Dry rock fences, some more than 200 years old, crisscross the state as a signature of Kentucky’s landscape. Only about 5% of the state’s rock fences remain, but their legacy is being reclaimed and rebuilt by a group of dedicated masons.

From the Editor - Greatness
Events - Celebrating culture at the Kentucky Folklife Festival
Kindred Spirits - Happy feet
Cut Your Utility Bills - Sunblock or not
The Future of Electricity - Talking trash
Traveling Kentucky
All Things Lincoln
Music on a Mountain Byway
The Bookshelf - Surprise
Kentucky Cooks - Picking peppers
At Home in the Garden - The perfect small tree
Your Health - Periodontal disease and premature baby link
Money Matters - Selling or buying your dream home
Great Outdoors - Your own wilderness
The View From Plum Lick - Seeing clearly