February / 2000
Kentucky Living

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On the Cover

Solving Scary Internet Issues
Access-the Scariest Threat?
Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace
Stopping Internet Swindlers
Never Been On the Internet?
Finding Truth on the Internet
Your Favorite Gadgets

From the Editor - The tools of competition
Kindred Spirits - Honoring the work of
Cut Your Utility Bills - One temperature for every room
The Future of Electricity - Restructuring report
On the Road
Escape route
Remembering the Battle of Tebbs Bend
Where to hunt in midwinter
Kentucky Cooks - A dinner for dancing
At Home in the Garden - When a rose is not a rose
Your Health - Surviving urologic cancers
Money Matters - Budgeting basics
The View From Plum Lick - Creations