March / 2002
Kentucky Living

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Lawn Care Solutions
Five experts solve five common lawn problems: how to rescue your lawn from weed infestation or extreme neglect, how to landscape a very small yard or a very large one, and how to deal with a steep hillside.
Building Decks, Sunrooms, and Patios
Decks, sunrooms, and patios are a growing trend for homeowners, bringing the outdoors indoors to create beautiful spaces for entertaining and relaxing. Hereís the scoop on choices, maintenance, materials, questions to ask builders, and a Web resource listing.
Family Court: Where Children and Family Come First
In this fallís state elections youíll have a chance to vote on whether to create a Family Court system in Kentucky. Supreme Court Justice Joseph E. Lambert tells why we need Family Courts.

From the Editor - Smart, successful energy policy
Live on the Web
A Book of Barns
Fishing with 4-H
Kindred Spirits - Ring...ring...ring...ring...ring
Cut Your Utility Bills - Replacing your garage door
The Future of Electricity - Campaigning for coal
On the Road
Early spring drives
Where the giant buffalo roamed
Wilderness trout
Kentucky Cooks - Amaizing corn
At Home in the Garden - Designer hedges
Money Matters - Making tax time less taxing
The Bookshelf - Companions for the madness
The View From Plum Lick - Kentucky Longrifle master